Shinhan Touch Markers

ShinHan Touch Twin Markers

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The Great Value Alternative

The Touch Twin Marker spectrum includes 123 colours. A total of 11 different colour sets are available. Beginner sets include 12 markers in various colour combinations. The largest sets contain 60 colours. All sets come in stable plastic boxes or high-quality cases.

Touch Marker 12er Set Copic Alternative

Twin Marker 12 Sets

12 different basic colours in a stable plastic box.

The perfect beginner set to try out the product range. Available in six different colour combinations.

12er Main Color
TM-12-M (Main Set)

12er Pastell Color
TM-12-P (Pastel Set)

12er Wood Color
TM-12-WD (Wood Set)

12er Cool Grey
TM-12-CG (Cool Grey Set)

12er Blue Colored Greys
TM-12-BG (Blue Grey Set)

12er Warm Grey
TM-12-WG (Warm Grey Set)

24 Set Copic Alternative

Twin Marker 24 Set

24 selected and complementary colours.

Presented in a stable plastic box.
The beginner set for demanding work.

24er Palette
TM-24 (24 Set)

36er Set

Twin Marker 36 Set

36 different colours.

For demanding work and complex colour transitions.
Presented in a stable plastic box.

36er Palette
TM-36 (36 Set)

48er Set

Twin Marker 48 Set

Professional set with 48 colour markers.

For professional work and complex colour transitions. This set is delivered in a strong, attractive, high-quality case made of durable plastic.

48er Palette
TM-48 (48 Set)

Touch Marker 60er Set

Twin Marker 60 Sets

The luxury set

For work at the highest level with perfect colour gradients.
This set contains half of the Touch Twin Marker colours and so it is available in 2 different combinations. Delivered in a high-quality case.

Touch Marker 60 Set A
TM-60-A (60 Set A)

Touch Marker 60 Set B
TM-60-B (60 Set B)